Pavochón Thanksgiving feast. (Photo: Marin Watts)

Pavochón: Puerto Rican-style Turkey

Originally broadcast on NPR’s Latino USA on November 27, 2013.
When reporter Von Diaz was a girl celebrating Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico, her abuela ruled the kitchen. Each year she created a magical dish called a pavochón, a turkey cooked like a traditional Puerto Rican pork roast… Continue reading »

Frisly Soberanis (Photo: Von Diaz)

Three Faces of DACA

Originally published on Colorlines on September 17, 2013. Last year Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA emerged as a long-awaited saving grace for undocumented youth or so-called DREAMers who were brought to the United States as children or teenagers. When DACA went into effect last August it offered them a temporary reprieve from deportation, … Continue reading »


What’s in a Street Name? New York City’s Immigrant History

By Von Diaz Originally broadcast on PRI’s The World on June 11, 2013. On a recent evening in New York City, artist Maija García gears up for a night of theater. First, she stands on stage and asks the audience a question. “Who knows who New York City’s first immigrant was?” Garcia says. “Juan Rodríguez!” … Continue reading »


Lesbians in Cuba

By Von Diaz Originally posted on NPR’s Latino USA on December 28, 2012. After the 1959 revolution, being gay in Cuba was considered counter-revolutionary. LGBT Cubans were jailed and harassed because of their sexual identity. Hear from two lesbians who talk about their life on the island since the Revolution. Click here to listen to … Continue reading »

Vickie Cruz

Vickie the Crime Fighter

By Von Diaz Originally posted on NPR’s Latino USA on June 22, 2012. For Vickie Cruz, coming out as a trans young woman in the 1960s meant learning to defend herself physically and emotionally. But with the support of her large Puerto Rican family, she used her experiences to help victims of sexual and domestic … Continue reading »

Zarela Martinez

Food in Two Worlds Podcast – Mexican Chef Zarela Martinez

My most recent podcast for the new immigrant food series Food in Two Worlds. Originally published on Feet in Two Worlds on December 8, 2011. Food in Two Worlds Podcast: How Zarela Martinez Brought Mexican Cuisine to New York In this Food in Two Worlds podcast episode, Von Diaz tells the story of Chef Zarela Martinez and … Continue reading »


Young Gay Immigrants in the US – PRI’s The World

CLICK LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO BROADCAST Audio – Young Gay Immigrants in the US Originally published June 30, 2011 on The World Adrielle Grant recalls the day his mother kicked him out. That’s when she told me “‘you can’t live in this house, cuz I don’t want no gays in this house.’ … Continue reading »

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