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Mapping Food Justice

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Food Justice / Immigrants

Originally published on Colorlines on October 24, 2013. Check out The Color of Food interactive map on Brown Girl Farming. Natasha Bowens describes herself as a “young, brown female who likes to farm.” And while she didn’t grow up doing it, she’s now dedicated her career to creating a network of other people of color in farming and food justice. Like many people Bowens became an activist in college, and focused her early career working on the 2008 […]

A Unique Alternative to a Prison Economy

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Food Justice / Prison Reform

Originally published on Colorlines on September 23, 2013. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this summer that he will be closing four more state prisons. Combined with two shuttered this month, that will bring the grand total of prison closures over the last two years to 13. State officials say the rapid rate of prison closures is the result of sharp declines in the number of people incarcerated for drug offenses. They’ve dropped by 71 percent […]