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DREAMers No Longer of One Mind on Immigration Reform

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Originally published on June 27, 2014 on WNYC. June is an exciting month for graduating high school seniors. But for the thousands of young immigrants who lack legal status, graduation day can be a moment of great uncertainty. Undocumented youth have been on the front lines of the struggle for immigrant rights. They call themselves DREAMers to evoke both the proposed federal DREAM Act and a hope that they, too, can achieve the American Dream. […]

Podcast: DREAMers No More—What is Happening to Young, Undocumented Immigrant Activists?

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Listen to the podcast. Originally published on Feet in 2 Worlds on May 7, 2014. The DREAMer movement is in flux. Once monolithic, political activism by young, undocumented immigrants has become fragmented, with some activists abandoning the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, and others focused on local efforts to support undocumented immigrants. Many have stopped calling themselves DREAMers. In New York, where an estimated 90,000 youth would be eligible for relief under the DREAM Act, some young activists […]

Do Women Have More to Lose If Immigration Reform Dies?

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Originally published on Colorlines on October 14, 2013. For 10 years Juanita Flores struggled to find her way out of an abusive marriage. She was undocumented, had two small children, no opportunities for legal employment, and lived in constant fear of her husband’s physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Five years ago, the last time she saw him, he put her in the hospital with a skull fracture. The next day she left Dallas. But it was only […]

Out Of The Dark: One Gay Latino Couple’s Battle Through One Of The Worst Immigration Eras

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Originally published on BuzzFeed Longreads on September 29, 2013. In May, the Repertorio Español on Manhattan’s Upper East Side hosted a reading of Pablo García Gámez’s play Oscuro, de Noche. Set in Caracas, Venezuela, the play chronicles the circumstances surrounding the death of Kenny, a young man gunned down while riding his motorcycle. I’m seated next to García’s husband, Santiago Ortiz. Before the lights come down, 52-year-old García walks over from his director’s box to greet […]

Three Faces of DACA

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Originally published on Colorlines on September 17, 2013. Last year Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA emerged as a long-awaited saving grace for undocumented youth or so-called DREAMers who were brought to the United States as children or teenagers. When DACA went into effect last August it offered them a temporary reprieve from deportation, authorization to work and the ability to get a temporary social security card and drivers license. But a year into […]

What’s in a Street Name? New York City’s Immigrant History

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Juan Rodriguez Way

By Von Diaz Originally broadcast on PRI’s The World on June 11, 2013. On a recent evening in New York City, artist Maija García gears up for a night of theater. First, she stands on stage and asks the audience a question. “Who knows who New York City’s first immigrant was?” Garcia says. “Juan Rodríguez!” the crowd responds. Juan Rodríguez was the first non-Indian immigrant to settle in Manhattan. Be he wasn’t Dutch or English. […]

Undocumented Youth to Walk from NYC to Albany to Lobby for NYS DREAM Act

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By Von Diaz Originally posted on Feet in Two Worlds on April 9, 2012. New York – A small group of undocumented young people and their supporters are expected to leave New York City on foot today, and begin a trek to Albany to promote the New York DREAM Act. The 150 mile march to the state capitol is the latest effort by DREAM Act supporters to pressure N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Republicans in […]

I am UndocuQueer – A Young, Undocumented, Gay Artist Advocates for the DREAM Act

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An image from Julio Salgado's 'I am UndocuQueer' series.

By Von Diaz Originally posted on Feet in Two Worlds on February 13, 2012. Being young and undocumented can lead to complex and sometimes awkward situations. As DREAMer Angy Rivera explains in one of her videos, dating is a constant challenge when you can’t get into clubs that require a photo ID, or get to a date because you’re not allowed to drive a car. The DreamersAdrift collective has taken these themes and translated them […]

2011 – A Year of Activism for the DREAM Act and Undocumented Immigrant Youth

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A press conference in favor of the DREAM Act in California. (Photo: Antonio Villaraigosa/flickr)

By Von Diaz Originally published on Feet in Two Worlds on December 27, 2011 2011 may be best remembered for a new type of political activism. Movements including the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street were built on a combination of street protests and social media. The year also saw an outpouring of activism and support for undocumented immigrant youth, especially those who would benefit from the DREAM Act—a proposed federal law that would create […]

Young Gay Immigrants in the US – PRI’s The World

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CLICK LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO BROADCAST Audio – Young Gay Immigrants in the US Originally published June 30, 2011 on The World Adrielle Grant recalls the day his mother kicked him out. That’s when she told me “‘you can’t live in this house, cuz I don’t want no gays in this house.’ Then she said she would kiss her mother’s grave if she if she knew I was gonna be gay.” Adrielle […]