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Lesbians in Cuba

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Cuba / LGBT

By Von Diaz Originally posted on NPR’s Latino USA on December 28, 2012. After the 1959 revolution, being gay in Cuba was considered counter-revolutionary. LGBT Cubans were jailed and harassed because of their sexual identity. Hear from two lesbians who talk about their life on the island since the Revolution. Click here to listen to the full podcast. Advertisements

Vickie the Crime Fighter

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Vickie Cruz

By Von Diaz Originally posted on NPR’s Latino USA on June 22, 2012. For Vickie Cruz, coming out as a trans young woman in the 1960s meant learning to defend herself physically and emotionally. But with the support of her large Puerto Rican family, she used her experiences to help victims of sexual and domestic violence, earning her a Crime Victims Service Award this year from the U.S. Attorney General’s office. Click here to listen […]

I am UndocuQueer – A Young, Undocumented, Gay Artist Advocates for the DREAM Act

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Feet in Two Worlds / Immigration News / LGBT
An image from Julio Salgado's 'I am UndocuQueer' series.

By Von Diaz Originally posted on Feet in Two Worlds on February 13, 2012. Being young and undocumented can lead to complex and sometimes awkward situations. As DREAMer Angy Rivera explains in one of her videos, dating is a constant challenge when you can’t get into clubs that require a photo ID, or get to a date because you’re not allowed to drive a car. The DreamersAdrift collective has taken these themes and translated them […]

Family of Slain Ecuadorian Immigrant Fights Hate Crimes

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Feet in Two Worlds / Immigration News

By: Von Diaz Originally published on Feet in Two Worlds on December 16, 2010. NEW YORK – You don’t have to be gay to be a victim of homophobia. The Sucuzhañay family knows this all too well.  Two years ago, José Sucuzhañay, an Ecuadorian immigrant, was brutally murdered on his way home from a party in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. José and his younger brother, Romel, were walking arm-in-arm when two men driving an […]